Best Free Social Share Plugin for WordPress

Do you want to know about the best free social share plugin for wordpress?

If you answer me – yes then, you are now in the right place. In this article, I am going to discuss on best free social media plugin for wordpress 2020. If you are really interest to know the best social media plugin for wordpress then I would like to request you to read this full article. Hope, you will get your best social sharing plugin for free.

As a beginner micro blogger you should use easy social sharing (like sassy social share or sharethis) wordpress plugin which are completely free.

I am not interest to provide a lots of easy social share button wordpress plugin, rather I prefer to provide you the best five. You could choose any one for your micro niche blog.  

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Best free social share plugin for wordpress

There are lots of free social share plugin for wordpress on wordpress plugin directory. So, it is very important to know the best one and choose the best one for your micro niche blog. I personally like these following plugin and used in my different micro blog for free.

  • #1. Sassy social share plugin
  • #2. ShareThis social share plugin
  • #3. Add to Any social share plugin
  • #4.  Social media share button and social sharing icons
  • #5. Simple share button generator

These plugins has really good features and used by many bloggers.

Best free social media plugin for wordpress 2020 (recommended and I used for my several micro blog)

So, which plugin is better among these five? Okay, well. I would like to use sassy social share plugin and also sharethis social share plugin as they have a great features and nice sharing button.

You may try others or follow me. They are well optimizing both in mobile and desktop version.

Importance of social sharing plugin free

Easy social sharing (like sassy social share or shareThis) button is so important for any kind of websites or blogs. Reader could easily share these contents with their friends and family members if they like it.

So, you have a great chance to get more free traffic on your micro niche blog. More you get traffic, you have a better chance to get more revenue or profit from your micro blog.

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Add social share button on wordpress micro blog

It is very easy task to add social share button on wordpress micro blog. Simply you should go to the plugin section from your wordpress micro blog’s dashboard and install your desire plugin and again customize your button according to yours need.

For example, I am going to show you – how to perform it so easily with sharethis plugin or sassy social share plugin.

  • # Let’s open your wordpress micro blog dashboard and hover over plugin option.  Go with the add new plugin option
  • # Let’s type shareThis or Sassy social share (any one) on search option. You will find your plugin in the search result.
  • # Install and activate your desire plugin (sharethis or sassy social share).
  • # You will find an extra option “sharethis” on your dashboard. Let’s go with this option and select the type of share button (sticky social share or article social share).
  • # Let’s customize your social share button according your demands
  • # Let’s visit your site, the share buttons are live now

If you like to use sharethis social share then you should login with your account and connect it with wordpress.

If you have a micro blog on blogger platform and want to add sticky social share button; then you should perform it by following the two processes that I am going to discuss now.

Social media share buttons and social sharing icons on blogger

Sometime, the social share button remains inactive on blogger theme. You may active it from layout option of blogger theme. Again, if you want to add sticky button on blogger micro blog then, you should use custom html tag on your blogger theme.

  • #1. Add share button from layout of blogger template
  • #2. Add custom html tag on blogger template for sticky button

Share button from blogger layout

If you did not found share button below or above your blog’s article then you may perform it easily by following this simple method.

# Login into your blogger dashboard

# Go with layout option and you will find edit option at the left sidebar

# If you go with the edit option, you will find a pop-up option. Let’s scroll down and find the social share option.

# Please check this option and save it

# Visit your article and now you will find the share button is live

“If sharing option did not activate on your blogger theme, then you should perform it manually to activate sharing option.”

Not enough? Okay. Do you want to add a sticky social share button on your blogger micro blog? If yes, then please check this procedure.

Sticky social button on blogger micro blog

You know, there is no plugin for blogger platform. But you may add sticky social share button on your blogger micro blog as like as wordpress.

# First, visit this website and go with start with share button. Create an account or login with your information (if you already have an account)

You should follow 3 main steps to add a sticky button on your blogger blog.

  • # First, select the sticky social share option (you should customize these share button according to your demand. You should choose the button style, their location both in mobile and desktop version)
  • # Second, go with next button and you will find 9+ platforms. If you notice, blogger platform is missing, but don’t worry. Go with the html tag and continue with next button. (Now, you will ask to create an account with your valid email and strong passwords. Let’s create account with your details information and go with the Get the code button.). Let’s copy this code.
  • # Third, let’s login your blogger dashboard and find the theme option. Go with html edit option. You will find the all codes of your blogger micro blog.

Let’s press the control F button and you will find the search option. Type <head> tag and search it. You will find the <head> and <head/> tag on the search result.

Now, you should paste these codes (copied from sharethis platform) between <head> tag and save it. Please, visit your blog and you will find the social sticky share button is working.

Not great? If you want you may follow this simple procedure for your wordpress micro blog also without using the plugin.

Hope you got the best free social share plugin for wordpress and blogger microblogging platforms. You may use any of these social sharing plugin free for your wordpress micro blog. Again, I suggest you to go with sassy social share or sharethis plugin as they have amazing features in their free plan.

I used to help people to make their micro blog and suggest them the best resources for micro blogging. If you are interest and want to learn more about micro blogging then you may connect with this micro blog. Hope, you will learn more new and special topics for free.

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