How to Choose a Domain Name for a Micro Niche Blog

Do you want to know how to choose a domain name for a micro niche blog as a beginner?

If yes, then you are in the right place now. A good domain name related to your micro-niche plays an important role. In this article, I will discuss selecting a domain name for a micro niche blog.

Suppose you are a complete beginner in micro niche blogging. In that case, it is very important to know the criteria that should be considered while purchasing a domain name for a micro niche blog.

I will try my best to provide a clear concept so that you may be able to select your domain name easily for your micro-niche blog.

What is a domain name for a micro niche blog?

Yes, you should know first what the domain name is? To start a micro niche blog or any other website, you should need two important products – domain name and reliable hosting.

I don’t want to define the term domain or hosting; rather, I prefer to simplify these terms in this way – suppose you have a micro-blog and publish your daily content, you should reach your content to your reader, and again reader should find it.

You should provide an address or link so your reader can find your article easily. So, a domain name is the blog address, which remains always live on the internet, and the reader will reach your blog by searching that blog address or name.

If I want to simplify the term hosting, it is a storehouse of your blog files. Your blog should have some files where all the data are stored. When your reader goes with your blog address, it requests hosting to show that particular data to your reader. If I again want to simplify this term, hosting is like a memory card where you store all of your files.

Hope you got basic ideas about your micro-niche blog’s domain name and hosting.

What did the domain name look like?

It will be easy to understand if I provide you with an example. Simple a domain name is like – or

There are four main parts to that domain name. They are –

  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • www (world wide web)
  • bloggingguideline (name of the micro-niche blog)
  • dot com (domain extension)

I will briefly describe these parts of a micro-niche domain name so that you may understand the basics of the domain name.

HTTPS: It means Hypertext Transfer Protocol that works during data transfer from a server and is responsible for keeping the data safe. If it doesn’t work properly, it will be HTTP which means your data is not secure.

www – It means the world Wide Web. If you want, you may use it while installing your micro niche blog on wordpress; if you don’t like it, you may avoid it. Again, if you notice in my blog, I didn’t use www, but many other micro-blog usually used it. There are no effects or security issues on using www. So, it depends on whether you use it or not.

Bloggingguideline: This is the main part, and it’s your micro blog’s name. It’s maybe according to your name or your micro niche’s name. Here in, represent the best guides for blogging for a beginner; this name is little related to my niche. But if you cannot find a domain name related to your niche, you may choose your domain according to your name, like your name blog.

I recommend you select this name according to your micro blogging niche. It will help you to rank on Google (though several factors work for rank on Google).

“You should keep in mind if you find your desire domain name, take it immediately. If you left this name, others will take and start a blog before you start.”

Com – This is called the generic top-level domain extension. Using the dot com extension for a micro niche blog is always recommended. But don’t worry if you cannot find this dot com extension for your blog. It’s the human phycology that they always prefer a dot com domain. Don’t think you will get extra benefit from the dot com domain. All extensions are the same, but you should use the generic top-level domain like – dot com, dot net, dot org, or dot info.

Hope you got a little idea about a domain name. And I think that’s enough for you as you will not be an expert on this subject. You are going to be a micro niche blogger.

Types of a domain name for a micro-niche blog

As a blogger, you should know two types of domain names for your micro-niche blog. They are –

  • Generic top-level domain name
  • Country top-level domain name

If you want to start a micro niche blog for the reader from worldwide, then you should use the generic top-level domain like dot com, dot net, dot org, dot-info, or dot XYZ. And again, if your micro niche blog targets only the people of a specific country or area, then you may choose the country’s top-level domain extension. It depends on you.

The generic top-level domain for a micro-niche blog

I recommend using a generic top-level domain for your micro blog (com, info, org, and net). You may have an extension for your micro blog. But I think you should know the actual uses of these extensions –

  • Dot com – Anyone can use this extension for their blog, website, or business. And this is the most popular extension. You should select a domain name like –
  • Dot net – If you have an internet business or any communication blog or website, it is good for you. Don’t worry; you may also use this extension for your micro-niche blog.
  • Dot info: You may use this extension for your blog or any other blog you want. Now a day, this extension is becoming popular.
  • Dot org – If you have any non-profitable organization or if you want to start a micro blog on a different organization, then you may use this extension
  • Dot XYZ – You may use it on your small business blog.

There are some other domain extensions. I only represented a generic top-level domain extension for you. Hope you got a little idea about the generic top-level domain extension. You may go with any of these extensions as you like. But again, I recommended you use the dot com domain for your micro-niche blog.

Country top-level domain extension for your micro-niche blog

If you want to create a dedicated blog for a specific country r specific area, then you may go with this country’s top-level domain extension. But it doesn’t mean readers from other countries or other regions could not get access to visit your blog. Yes, anyone can get access to see your blog if you use a country top-level domain on your micro-niche blog.

Country top-level domain – how do they look?

If I provide an example of a country’s top-level domain, it will be easy to understand. It is like –

  • Your blog. in – It represents a country’s top-level domain of, India. If you want to make a micro-blog and target Indian readers, you may take this extension.
  • – It represents a country’s top-level domain in the United States. You may take this extension if you want to make a micro-blog and target a USA reader.
  • – It represents a country’s top-level domain of Canada.
  • – It represents the country’s top-level domain of the UK

Hope you got an idea of different types of domain names along with various parts for your micro-niche blog. Now you may search for your domain name, and if your domain is available, you should purchase it immediately.

How to select a domain name for a micro niche blog?

Now you should take a paper and pen and write different domain names. You should follow the following important point when you register or select a domain name –

  • You should select a domain name related to your micro-niche
  • Try to keep it as short as possible
  • Try to select an easy name so that people can memorize
  • Try to remain in between 10 to 15 words. If you may find it within 5 or 6 words, it’s better.
  • Please don’t use the numbers or (-) within your domain name. It will make confuse your reader.
  • Use the main focus keyword on the domain name, which is related to your micro-blog; it will help little for search engine optimization. If not possible, then please go with your name like yourname’sblog. com
  • Always use a generic top-level domain extension (dot com recommended); then, if dot com is unavailable, use dot net, dot org, or dot info.
  • If you want to start a blog dedicated to a specific country, it is better to go with the country’s top-level domain extension.

Hope you have listed a few or more domain names on your paper. Now it’s time to search these domain names to find their availability. For that, I suggest the two best domain name providers. Many pro bloggers have purchased their micro-niche blog names from these two best companies. You may buy from them –

Namecheap – This is my first recommendation for the domain name for the micro blog. They will provide the cheapest domain with free domain privacy or Whoisguard for a lifetime. Let’s go here to grab their offer.

Domain: This is another best domain provider. If you want to purchase from this company, you may visit here.

But I always recommend you to purchase from NameCheap as I also use their service. They are so good at their service. But you should know why you buy a domain name from them? Well, some possible reasons are –

  • They provide a domain for a cheap rate
  • They have no hidden charge
  • They provide free whois guard for a lifetime
  • Provide better customer support

Okay, now the decision is yours. You may compare it with other companies. I have already reached different companies, so I recommend you this company.

How do you purchase a domain name from Namecheap for your micro-niche blog?

Let’s visit this link, or you may see it from the above link. You will find a search option where you may type your domain name and search the domain name you listed on your paper.

They will show this domain with other suggestions if your domain name is available.

It would help if you went with add to cart button for action

Again go with the checkout button. Okay go

Now you have a preview where you may check your duration of purchases, and you should check whois guard. You may purchase for 1 year.

Now you need to confirm your order.

You will redirect to the signup page. Please fill in the details, create an account, and continue the process.

You need to select your address details and payment details (you should have a visa or master card, or PayPal account for payment)

If everything is okay, you need to check the term and agreements option and go with the pay now button.

After successful payment, you should check your email to confirm

Congratulations, you have purchased your domain name successfully for your micro-niche blog. Now, you may start your micro blog on blogger or wordpress.

“If you want to start micro niche blog on wordpress then you need hosting also. You may purchases hosting from Namecheap.”

If you are confused about choosing the best microblogging platforms, you may read this article – best microblogging platforms for the micro-niche blog as a beginner. Hope this article will help you select the best microblogging platform to start your micro-niche blog.

Do you want to buy other best domain hosting providers for the micro-niche blog for a beginner? You may know more about this domain and hosting provider from here.


Hope you have got a better idea and can select a domain name for the micro-niche blog. You may connect with this blog if you want to learn about micro niche blogging. Hope you will learn something new.

“I regularly update my articles and provide best information for you. You are requested to follow my updates articles. Stay connects with me.”

If you think this article has got value to you, then let me know. Again, if you found any mistakes, have any inquiries related to micro-niche blogging, or have any suggestions for me, then please let me know.

Suppose you found this article more valuable and learned something and were able to select a domain name for your micro-niche blog. In that case, I request you to share this article with your friends or other members who want to know about domain name selection for micro-niche blogging and want to create a micro-niche blog for blogging.

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