How to Add Push Notification in Blogger Micro Blog

Hey, do you want to know how to add push notification in blogger micro blog? Here, in this article I am going to discuss on how to add push notification in website or your blogger micro blog for free.

If you really interest to add push notifications to website or your micro blog, then I would like to request you to read the full article.

After completing this article you will able to add web push notifications on your website or micro blog.

Before to start, if you are new in blogging or started few months or years ago then, I would like to request you to read these articles – how to create a professional micro blog on blogger or wordpress micro blogging platforms. Hope these guides will help you to create a professional micro blog.

You know, it is possible to create a professional micro blog on blogger platform by using the best responsive theme and a custom domain. These two are essential for the blogger micro blog. If you want you may check theme –

Okay, let’s continue with our today’s topic – adding push notifications to website. If you have a wordpress micro blogging site then you may add this using the plugin. There are lots of free push notification software plugisn in wordpress plugin directory.

But if you have a micro blog on blogger platform then you are not allowed to use any plugin, then you need help form push notification software or websites.

You may follow the same procedure (push maker setup) for your wordpress micro blogging platform.

First you should know why you should use push notification in blogger micro blog? Okay, fine. Let me tell.

How to get notifications form blogger

Sometime you may find some popup notification bar when you visit any websites or micro blogs. It requests you to accept or ignore.  If you go with the accept option then you will get notify with recently published article on that particular website or blog through email.

So, it is so important to add a push notification to reach the published article to your reader and get huge engagement of readers.

When you will publish any article on your micro blog, then your reader will get notify through this process.

Push notification services for bloggers

There are lots of push notification services for bloggers micro blog. I am going to enlist the top push maker that I used in my different blogger micro blogs. They have (push makers) both free and paid version.

As a beginner micro blogger I would like to suggest you to use their free services. Hope, it will fulfill your desire dream.

The top push makers for blogger micro blog are –

  • #1. Let reach
  • #2. Fox push
  • #3. One signal
  • #4. Push maker

“There are lots of push makers at marketplace. You may go with any one you like.”

Now I am going to discuss on the full procedure – how you may add push notification using let reach platform for your blogger micro blog. As an example I am going to use Let Reach, but you may do the same with other push notification software.

Let Reach Setup (Full Guide) – How to add push notification on blogger

Let’s try the following process –

  • #1. Go to let reach website and go with the button “try for free”
  • #2. Let’s fillup the form with required informations (your name, your email, your mobile number, name of your micro blog, then url of your micro blog) and again go with the Get Started button
  • #3. After going with the Get Started button, you will get  html script, please copy this script
  • #4. Now, you should open your blogger micro blog dashboard. Go to theme option and click on the edit html option
  • #5. You should search for <head> tag. For that, you should place your cursor at any place of html script and type shift F. You will find a search option at right corner.
  • #6. Now, paste the script (copied before) above <head> tag and click on the save button.
  • #7. Go to let reach dashboard again. Scroll down and put tick mark and go with the configure button
  • #8. Now, you will find some demo (how you arrange your notification in your micro blog. Select anyone and save it.

Congratulations, you have added push notifications to website successfully. Let’s visit your micro blog and check it.

Working or not?  Hope it is working fine. Do you want to edit all information and use a custom logo on it? Okay, well; let’s follow the procedure.

How to edit information at let reach

Please go to your let reach dashboard and find the enable button at demo (That you selected before). You will find a form and let’s fill-up this form with the information you want.

You will get a preview at the right side of your dashboard. Please you go with the save button and visit your site. 

Congratulations, your information has been changed successfully.

You should use your brand logo or micro blog log on push notification. For this you should do the simple change on your let reach dashboard.

How to add custom logo at let reach notification

Okay, let’s try this simple process –

  • #1. Go to your let reach dashboard again and find the setting option (above). Go with setting option and you will find a form.
  • #2. Let’s scroll down and find the logo option
  • #3. Go with logo option and upload your brand logo or blog’s logo from your computer. Save it and you will find a successful notification (above)
  • #4. Let’s visit your site and refresh again. Hope, all information and logo has been changed

Congratulations again, you added web push notifications successfully on your blogger micro blog.

Bonus for you

You may do the same for your wordpress micro niche blog. If you want to do blogging for a long time and want to take it as career, then you should use wordpress microblogging platform. But, as a beginner you may start with blogger platform (read here, the best micro blogging platform for beginner)

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Hope, you got an idea on how to add push notification in blogger micro blog and also know the best push notification services for bloggers. You may use any of these web push notifications for your blogger or wordpress micro blog. I suggest you to go with let reach or one signal platform  as they have amazing features in their free plan and the setup process are easier.

I used to help people to make their micro niche blog and suggest them the best resources for micro blogging. If you are interest and want to learn more about micro niche blogging then you may connect with this micro blog. Hope, you will get more valuable free blogging tips.

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