How to Start a Micro Niche Blog as a Beginner in 2022- Step by Step Tutorial

Do you have a plan to start a micro-niche blog in 2022?

If yes, then you have made a great decision. Nowadays, it is better to create a micro-niche blog rather than a general blog for blogging as a beginner.

If you have no technical knowledge about creating a micro-niche blog as a beginner and start micro niche blogging, I am here to solve your problems. I will show you a step-by-step tutorial and provide you with some micro-niche blog ideas to start your micro niche blog for blogging.

Here in this article, I am trying to provide the most important information and steps that you need as a beginner. If you follow these, I hope you will get a better idea in this single article and be able to create your micro niche blog for blogging as a beginner.

What is a micro niche blog?

I am not going to define what a micro-niche blog is? Rather if I try to simplify this term, it will be better to understand. If people engage themself to share their experiences on different topics with other people in writing form through a website regularly, then it is called a general blog.

Suppose you have great skill in a particular subject and want to share your experiences with other people to solve their problems on that particular subject. If you do this regularly through a website and people get help from you, it may be a specific or niche blog.

And again, if you share a specific skill on your particular subject, then it may consider a micro-niche blog. These processes are called micro niche blogging, and who works behind it is called blogger.

I hope this information helps you understand what a general blog, niche blog, and micro-niche blog are. If you have experience on a particular subject, you may start a niche blog or micro niche blog to share your experiences with other people.

Why should you start a micro niche blog?

Yes, it’s a great inquiry. I should tell you why you should start a micro niche blog for blogging. The world is getting very competitive, and it is hard to find a better job. If you notice, many people around you have taken blogging as their career.

I am not telling you should also take it as a career. If this micro-niche blogging suits you, you should take it as a career and earn more money. Yes, it’s real. Blogging can change your life if you take it seriously and passionately for niche blogging. You may find more examples that niche blogging has changed people’s life.

“Still now there are huge opportunities to succeed on micro niche blogging as there are huge numbers of micro-niche topics for blogging. But it would be best if you started now. If you start later, you will get success later than other people who start before you.”

So, if you have any experience or skill, you should start a micro niche blog on that subject to cope with the competitive world. It will remove your depression from not getting a better job and help you earn handsome money to lead a better life. Again, I am trying to provide you with some possible reasons why you should start a micro niche blog as soon as possible.

Express yourself:

I know you have something special inside you. You should revise it and express it. Or, if you already have some skills, you should be more creative on these skills. You may share your skills in different ways (not in traditional ways) with other people to get help from you and solve their problems in that particular subject. For that, you should choose any blogging platform to express yourself and start a micro-niche blog.

Promote your business or products:

If you have any idea of creating a product and want to sell it through a website, you may start a micro niche blog on that particular product. You may write reviews, use that product, how it works, and others to promote and sell your product to other people.

Earn money – take micro niche blogging as a career:

Yes, you may earn a handsome amount of money honestly from the internet. You may do it in different ways, like – placing different advertise on your micro-niche blog, selling your products, publishing sponsored posts from other bloggers or companies.

But you should be honest in your work, and also you should provide the best information to people so that people may get real help from your micro-niche blog. People will love you and your micro-niche blog if you provide real information honestly.

I hope I can solve your inquiry in a little. Have you again been confused about starting a micro-niche blog, or have you taken your final decision to start a micro niche blog?

Who are eligible to start a micro niche blog?

Still thinking – are you eligible for micro-niche blogging? Yes, I am telling you that you can start if you have any skills. Again if you have no experience, I will provide some micro-niche blog ideas from where you may get help to start your micro-niche blog. Anyone can start a micro niche blog on any topic. Only you should keep the passion for blogging and take it as a business. Let’s inform you who is eligible to start a micro-niche blog –

  • People who have a great interest in particular topics or have skills or without the skill but have a passion for blogging
  • If you have any job and could regularly manage some time for blogging, you may start a micro niche blog and earn extra money from the internet.
  • If you are a student and plan to earn extra money while studying, micro-niche blogging is better for changing your life. But you should not focus only on blogging; you should take care of your study first.
  • If you are a mom or fresh graduate, not getting any job yet, you have a better option to start a micro niche blog if you want to share any of your experiences with other people through the internet.

I hope you got an idea and can understand if you are eligible for micro-niche blogging or not. If you think you are eligible, you should start it as soon as possible. You should know which platform will best start a micro niche blog as a beginner?

The best platform to start a micro-niche blog

Yes, choosing a platform to start your micro-niche blog is very important. There are so many platforms where you may start your blog, but I am not providing you lots of suggestions; rather, I like to suggest to you the best two platforms where you may start your micro-niche blogging as a beginner –

  • Blogger (free micro niche blogging platform)
  • WordPress (best and popular micro niche blogging platform)

You may choose anyone to create a micro-niche blog. But I should explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two best micro niche blogging platforms.

Yearly cost for micro-niche blog

It is very important to keep in mind that without investment in micro niche blogging, you will never get success as blogging considers as a business. But the investment is not as high as like other businesses. If you want to succeed in micro niche blogging in the future, you should have to invest, and this investment is – buy a premium domain hosting, themes, and other products related to microblog (I will explain all).

If you want to start a niche blog on a blogger platform, then the possible cost to set up a micro niche blog on blogger is as –

  • Top level domain = $10 – $15
  • Hosting = Provided by Google (free)
  • Theme = $ 10 – $ 25 (onetime payment; you may also use free theme)
  • Plugin = No cost for plugin

Again, if you want to start a niche blog on WordPress, the possible cost to set up a micro-niche blog on WordPress is as –

  • Top level domain = $10 – $15
  • Hosting = $40 – $80 (enough for micro blog)
  • Theme = $ 35 – $ 60 (onetime payment; you may use a free theme, but if you want to make a professional blog, then you may buy a theme)
  • Plugin = $ 35 – $ 60 (onetime payment; not mandatory, if your blog grow, then you may use)

So, you have got an idea of how much you have to invest in starting a micro-niche blog on these two platforms. These are the starting investment, and from next year you should only pay the domain cost for the blogger platform and Domain and hosting cost in the WordPress platform.

Advantages of blogger and WordPress platform


  • It would be best to buy only the Domain, so the maintenance cost on blogger is less.
  • Google will provide free unlimited hosting for your blog, so you need not spend money on hosting.
  • Writing an article and publishing it on blogger is easier; anyone can do this kid’s job.


  • You will get full control of your micro-niche blog 
  • Again, you can design your blog as you want by using the different plugins and being able to add more features to your micro-niche blog
  • You may use some plugin that will help you to rank your micro niche blog on Google.

Disadvantages of blogger and WordPress


  • You are not able to design as you want on blogger. You have limited permission to customize the blogger theme.
  • Again, you cannot add more features; you should use the blogger’s feature.
  • Google fully controls it; if you made any mistake or went against their policy, then they will delete your microblog.


  • The maintenance cost of a micro-niche blog on WordPress is higher than blogger.
  • You are responsible for the security issue of your blog.

I hope you have got a perfect idea to help you choose your micro-niche blogging platform. If you ask me to suggest you, I suggest you start with WordPress as they have many more features that will make your blog more perfect and help you maintain your blog more easily.

I will guide you both to start a micro niche blog on blogger and WordPress. Only you should need the following to start a micro-niche blog –

  • Interest and passion for blogging
  • Android mobile or laptop or desktop
  • Need a top-level domain for blogger platform and again Domain & hosting for WordPress. If possible, it is better to use a premium theme to buy a premium theme.
  • More interest in writing
  • Need a visa or master card which supports the dollar, and it is very important to buy the products necessary to start your micro-niche blog.

So, if you don’t have a card, you should manage a card from your nearest bank, or if you want to get the international master card, you may read this article. If you want to blog professionally, you should have a card as it requires different purposes during blogging.

“Blogging is an investment business. So you should have to invest your time, thinking and also money to get success in future.”

How to start a micro niche blog step by step tutorial for beginners

This is the most important part of this article. You should read this part carefully if you are serious about blogging. If you aren’t serious about it, you may miss some important steps. I tried to provide you with the best guideline to start micro-niche blogging in this single article. I request you read this article carefully to get a better idea of starting a micro-niche blog. 

  • 1.Step 1: Select micro-niche blog topics
  • 2.Step 2: Select micro niche blogging platform
  • 3.Step 3: Buy a top-level domain and hosting for your micro-niche blog
  • 4.Step 4: Select a perfect theme for your micro-niche blog
  • 5.Step 5: Setup your micro-niche blog 
  • 6.Step 6: Select a keyword to write an article for your micro-niche blog
  • 7.Step 7: Write the first article for your micro-niche blog
  • 8.Step 8: Find a reader for your micro-niche
  • 9.Step 9: Earn money from your micro-niche blog

Now I will provide you with a short description of each step to create your blog successfully. However, next time, I will describe each step-step in detail in different articles. If you want these articles, then you may follow this blog.

Select micro-niche blog topics

This is the first and an important step when you start to create a micro-niche blog. It would be best to keep in mind that blogging is not for a short time. It is a long-term business. You should have a blog for a long time and try to succeed. Some people succeed within a short period, and some succeed after a long time.

When you choose a niche for blogging for the first time, you should think about it well. Is your micro-niche suitable for blogging for a long time, or are there any topics to write about it? If yes, then you should have to start.

Many beginner bloggers left their blogging as they have chosen the wrong niche for their micro-niche blog. It would be best if you were careful to choose the best micro niche topics for blogging.

If you already have an idea, it is better to start with your topics. And if you don’t have any idea, then the following micro niche ideas for blogging will help you a little to understand –

Micro niche ideas for blogging as a beginner

You may start a micro niche blog on any topics you like most. Like –

  • Travel in a specific area
  • Trends of celebrity of the specific country
  • Food and food reviews
  • Sports and players from different sections
  • Baby-names ideas
  • Relationship (any specific parts)
  • Doctor and diagnostic center in your specific area
  • Bank and banking system in your specific area
  • Fashion
  • Earn money online
  • Any other trending topics

You may also start event blogging like – world cup football, world cup cricket, happy New Year (though they are popular in the event only)

I will provide more information about micro niche ideas for blogging and show how to create a blog with these niches. I hope you have got an idea of micro-niche topics for blogging. Choose your niche as soon as possible and start your micro-niche blog. If you are late, you will have to face more competition and need more time to succeed. And if anyone starts before you, they have to face less competition than you.

“If you think you will start in the future, time will pass but never start. You should take action and start now.”

Select micro niche blogging platform

I hope you have got an idea about this step as I told you before. Most of the pro bloggers of the world use the WordPress platform for their niche blogging. But you may start on the blogger platform.

It depends on your budget for a micro niche blog. Without investment in a micro-niche blog, it is hard to get success. If you ask me to suggest you, I suggest you start a niche blog on WordPress as they have many features. And again, if you have a low budget, you may go with a blogger platform to start a micro-niche blog.

Buy a top-level domain and hosting for your micro-niche blog.

I hope you have chosen your blogging platform and now want to buy Domain and hosting for your micro-niche blog. If you have no idea about Domain and hosting, I may help you understand this.

The Domain is the name of your blog, and hosting is a place where all of your blog’s files will be stored. It would be best to choose your domain name according to your blogging niche (recommended).

For example –; provides basic knowledge about micro niche blogging guides for beginners. If it is impossible to find the domain name related to your blogging niche, it is better to buy it according to your name.

Features of the niche domain

Before purchasing a domain name for your micro-niche blog, you should have to follow some points –

  • It would be best to choose a very easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Always try to choose a short domain name within 10-15 words. If not possible, don’t worry. As you will start a micro-niche blog, I hope that will not affect your blog.
  • Try to avoid any number, dash in a domain name as they confuse your reader.
  • Always try to buy top-level domain extensions like (dot) com, (dot) net, (dot) org, (dot) info or your country’s top-level Domain like (dot) us, (dot) co. Uk
  • If it is possible, try to buy an expired domain. If you want to know more about it, you need to go through the article published here in this blog.

I hope you have chosen your domain name, and if you didn’t, you may go through the link given below and check your domain name. If you find your domain name, it will be better to purchase as soon as possible as there is e possibility to purchase this name by other bloggers who want to start a micro niche blog on the same micro-niche topics.

Now you should purchase hosting and connect your Domain within this hosting. If you buy Domain hosting from the same hosting provider company, it is easy to manage as you need not do anything. It will work automatically.

Hosting provider for your micro blog

There are lots of hosting provider companies in the world. If I provide you a list of hosting providers Companies for your micro-niche blog, then it will make you confused, and you will be unable to find the best hosting for your micro-niche blog as a beginner. Rather I prefer to suggest the best hosting for beginners who want to start a microblog.

As a beginner, you should start with these hosting companies, which will provide you with better quality services within your budget. Most beginner bloggers follow this strategy to start their micro-niche blog. You may start with the following hosting companies –

DreamHost: They will make your micro niche blog fast, secure and always up. Get 43% – 63% off with a free dot com domain for one year (purchase for 1 or 3 years)

This is the best and recommended hosting provider for a micro niche blog. Why should you go with Dreamhost hosting for a micro niche blog? Okay, possible causes –

  • They will make your micro niche blog faster, secure and always up
  • Again, they have a 97-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t satisfy with the performance of your micro niche blog after using DreamHost hosting, you may request to back your money.
  • They will manage unlimited traffic for your micro-niche blog
  • Provide a free dot com domain for your micro-niche blog

Not enough? I Hope this hosting will suit your micro-niche blog.

Hosting purchases guide for blog

Okay, want to run your blog with this hosting? If yes, go with the above links to get 63 – 67% off on the first purchase.

Hover over the hosting option and go with shared hosting (as you are a beginner in microblogging, I would like to suggest you go with shared hosting; if you want, you may go with VPS or Cloud hosting). In shared hosting, you will find two hosting plans for your microblog. The second plan is better to start a microblog.

So select any plan and go with the signup button. You may select your hosting plan duration (3 years plan is recommended). Now you should select your domain name. For that, you should go with register a new domain name and type your microblog name. It would be best to connect this Domain with hosting (Domain is free for the first year).

Please select your payment method and provide details; now, it’s time to create your account. You may create your account with a Google account or by mail.

You should review all and go with submit order button. After successful payment, you will get access to the DreamHost dashboard.

Congratulations; Now, you may manage your account and install your micro dream blog.

Not affordable? Okay, don’t worry. I have another cheap hosting suggestion for you as you are a beginner in microblogging. But I always recommend you to go with Dreamhost.

“I want to remind you again, if you have no plan to invest in microblogging, then it is hard to get success. Invest your time, energy, thinking and money in microblogging to get success”.

Other hosting suggestion for micro blog

NameCheap: They will provide a better quality hosting service and 50% off for 1st year for the first purchase. To know more, you may visit Namecheap here and grab their offer.

Hostgator: If you want to buy hosting within your budget for a long time, you should go with this hosting company. They provide 60% for the first purchase if you buy three years plan.

First, visit these hosting providers, check their plans, and finally buy any of them to start a micro-niche blog. If you don’t know how to buy it, I may help you show the details. I hope you will do it easily as it’s a kid’s job to buy hosting.

First, you should go Namecheap. Links already provided. You will get 50% off for 1st year.

You will find an interface where you will find a signup menu. Go with this Signup menu (indicated by the arrow in picture)

Provide your valid information and create an account by clicking on create an account button. You need to save this information as it will require future login in your account.

Get Sign in with providing your username and passwords

You will find a dashboard as like as shown in the picture. Let’s introduce the menu option and sidebar options

Now you should go to the hosting menu. If you hover over the hosting menu, you will find some dropdown menus and from where you should go with shared hosting. As you are a beginner and start a micro-niche blog, a shared hosting plan is the best option for you.

Which plan is best for your niche blog?

You will find three shared hosting plans and choose anyone you want. But it is better to start with the second plan as you will permit to host many other micro niche blogs on that same hosting plan. Let’s go with get start for continuation.

Now you will find an interface that showed in the picture below. By default, a new domain name will be selected. If you have no domain before then, you may purchase a new one.

For this, you should scroll down and find the search option. Again if you have a Domain forms another company or from the same company, you should connect that Domain with this hosting plan. You should update the name server provided by Namecheap.

I hope you found the domain search option. Let’s type your desired domain name for your micro-niche blog. If it is available, you should add this Domain to the cart. If not available, you will find another domain name option from where you may also choose. Or you may try another domain name for your micro-niche blog.

I hope you got your desired Domain. Now you should connect this Domain with this hosting plan. For this, you should scroll again and connect to the hosting button.

Connect Domain and Hosting

It will take a few seconds to connect Domain with hosting. After a successful connection, you should go with add to cart button.

Now it is time to check and go with confirm order button.

Select the payment option and go with the continue button on the right side. There is three more option for payment. You may pay with your visa or master card or pay through a PayPal wallet. Again you may pay through Namecheap dollar that you have engrossed before in your Namecheap account.

Again you should check or preview your order, then scroll down.

You should check to mark the terms and agreements option before going with the pay now button. Go through the pay now button. After successful payment, they will send you some mail. You need to confirm your mail address.

You will notify your user name, passwords and all hosting details through another mail by Namecheap. This information is very important as these are needed to provide during login in your hosting C – panel.

I hope you will buy Domain and hosting from Namecheap for your micro-niche blog. If you want, you may watch this video to get help again. In the same way, you may buy Domain and host from Hostgator.

If you want more best hosting suggestions for your micro-niche blog, then you may go through this article. But I always suggest you go through these two hosting providers as you are a beginner in blogging.

C-Panel and set up your micro blog

Now it’s time to log in with C – panel and install WordPress on the server. Okay, let’s go to C – panel providing the user name and passwords. You will find an interface that is shown in the picture.

Now, you need to know about all the options present on C – panel. You would not be a master of this as you are not a web developer. Again, you should know what you should require to set up a micro-niche blog.

You will find a search option in the upper part of the C – panel dashboard. Let’s type a softaculous apps installer or WordPress. They will show some results. Now you should go with any of these options to install WordPress.

Now you will find many others apps along with WordPress. You need to select WordPress and get started with the install option.

Final set up of your micro blog

In addition, you will find an interface where you need to provide some basic information to set up your micro-niche blog –

You may select the WordPress version. It is better to select the latest version of WordPress. As it will select automatically, you need not do anything.

You need to select security protocol (for example – HTTPS or HTTP or https://www) and domain name from the drop-down menu.

Let’s type your micro niche blog name with the basic slogan

You need to provide a user name and strong passwords for your better security, and please save this information as you need this information when you log in to get the WordPress backend dashboard

Provide a valid email address where you will receive all the information related to your micro-niche blog

Let’s scroll down, and you will again ask to provide the email address you already provided in the upper portion. After providing the same email address, you should go through the install button. It will take a few seconds to install WordPress on your server.

You will get two URL address – one is for your micro-niche blog home, and another is for the backend dashboard; when you need to login for the backend dashboard, you need this URL (https://yourblog(dot)com/wp-admin). If you go with this URL, you will be redirected to a login page where you need to provide the user name and password you provided during WordPress installation.

Admin dashboard of niche blog

Congratulation, you have successfully installed WordPress on a server for your micro-niche blog. It would be best if you went to your admin dashboard, from where you may control your blog. When you log in to the admin dashboard, you will find some options in the left sidebar like –

  • Dashboard
  • Home
  • Post
  • Media
  • Page
  • Comment
  • Appearance
  • Plugin
  • User
  • Tools
  • Setting

Let’s find the picture below. That will help you understand your blog’s backend or admin dashboard. Now you should set up some basic needs. If you go appearance option, you will find more options under this option where you will find an option named Theme. You need to add or upload a theme for your micro-niche blog, which will change your blog appearance.

If you go theme option, you will find add new option from where you may upload your Theme. If you have a theme budget, you may purchase the best quality SEO-friendly, responsive microblog theme.

You need to purchase it for one time, and you are permitted to use it for a lifetime. If you have no budget, you may go through the free themes available on the WordPress theme directory. If you used to free them now, you might change it later. But please never use Themes from other sources.

Select a perfect theme for your micro-niche blog

I have already run several microblog numbers, used different free and premium types, and got success. So I may provide you with many themes list for your micro-niche blog. But again, you will confuse about choosing your best themes. I prefer to suggest you two or more best themes for your micro-niche blog instate of providing a list of themes.

It would be best to keep in mind that success in blogging sometimes depends on choosing themes. So, it is also an important step when you start a micro-niche blog. If you have no technical knowledge of WordPress, you will customize your blog using a perfect theme by drag and drop.

Yes, it is so easy to do. If you want to blog professionally for a long time, purchasing the best Theme for your micro-niche blog is better. If you want, then you may go through the following theme market to purchase your desired Theme for your blog.

Themeforest – Huge collection of WP themes

This is the best theme market for a WordPress microblog. Go to this link, and you will find bestselling themes like -newspaper, Avada, enfold and other themes for your blog. Let’s visit this best theme market to find your desired themes with your micro-niche.

Many pro bloggers also purchased themes from here for their micro-niche blog. If you purchase any of the themes from this market, you will find many demos that you can import without any problem. They are the lighter themes that help your blog increase speed.

You do not have any design skills or other technical skills to import or customize these themes. I hope you will be able to set up your blog nicely by using the themes from ThemeForest.

OceansWP: It is another best theme you may use in your micro-niche as it is very light; thus, it may help your blog increase speed. You will find many pro demos, which you may import without any problem.

I hope you have chosen your themes and purchased them. Now it’s time to customize your blog. Before going to the next step, I would like to inform you that if you want to get more themes suggestions for your micro-niche blog, you may read this article to find out more best themes for the micro-niche blog.

Setup your micro-niche blog 

This is also an important step when starting a micro-niche blog. Your blog should be user-friendly, responsive on any device, so you should use user-friendly and responsive themes for your blog (already suggest themes from two markets).

You should import a beautiful design from your purchase theme demos. If you want to create your design, you should try your best-using page builder. Everyone likes a nice design micro-niche blog. A nice design blog always attracts the reader. So you should import a better theme demo or plan a better design by yourself.

I hope you purchased a theme and now go to your admin dashboard. Now you should install and activate your theme. You should follow the following process to set up a micro-niche blog–

Hover over the appearance option and go to the theme option. You will find add a new option.

Go with the add new option and select the theme file from ThemeForest or ocean wp theme market.

It will take a few seconds to upload, and when upload completes, then you should activate it (find activate button)

It will suggest you import the demo. You will find many demo sites and choose your best demo for your micro-niche blog.

I hope you have imported your demo site successfully. Now, you should customize it. The drag and drop method may customize it fully or as little as you want. For a better understand, you may watch this video.

Again if you want to learn more about customization, you may read this article – how to customize a micro-niche blogging using a WordPress theme, and if you want to create a micro-niche blog on a blogger platform, you may get help from this article – how to customize a micro-niche blog on blogger.

Select a keyword to write an article for your micro-niche blog

This is the main part of your blog. You should write informative articles that your reader loves to read and get real help from these articles. Articles are called the life of a blog. Before writing an article, you should research keywords used in this particular article.

You should research and find out these articles related to your article, and these are regularly searched on Google. Keyword research is necessary to rank your article on Google. If your articles are not ranked, you will get less traffic for your micro-niche blog. You may search and select these keywords in the ways

I explained in keyword research for the micro-niche blog article. You may read this article; I hope you will better find the keyword for your micro-niche blog.

Here, in short, I would like to suggest you use some free or paid keyword research planner. As you are a beginner at blogging, I suggest you go with free products available on the internet.

It would be best to keep in mind that a perfect keyword selection may help your micro niche blog rank easily within a short time. Even one single perfect keyword may change your blogging career.

Keyword research tools for blog

So, it would be best if you focused on keyword research during article writing for your micro-niche blog. The following keyword research planner you may use –

  • Google keyword planner – It’s free to use
  • Semrush – One of the best keyword research planners. You may try it for free for the first 30 days.
  • Thoth – One of the free keyword research planners

First, you should go with a free planner like Google keyword planners; when your blog grows and generates more revenue, you should go with paid keyword research planners.

Nowadays, it is too hard to find short-tail keywords with less competition. But as you have started a micro-niche blog, you have huge opportunities to find perfect keywords to rank your article on Google. It would be best to select long-tail keywords for your micro-niche blog as it is less hard to rank on Google.

Write the first article for your micro-niche blog

When you have a better idea and experience on a particular topic, then you can write a useful and informative article for your micro-niche blog, and people like that article.

People always try to get better information on a particular topic. If they find better information and get real help from you, they start to love you and love your blog. They will come again and again on your blog, and thus you will make a good relationship with your reader.

If you have a better idea of writing, then okay; but if you are new in blogging; then I may like to provide you with some suggestions to write a better article for your micro-niche blog –

  • It would be best to use the perfect keywords with a good search volume.
  • It would be best to choose long-tail and related keywords for your article.
  • Try to write a long article but always focus on perfect information. If you write a long article but have no value to your reader, they will leave your blog. As you will write articles for a micro niche blog, it is better to use 1200 to 1800+ words in your article.
  • Try to place the main keywords at the beginning and end of your article
  • Provide the main concepts of your article in the first paragraph
  • It would be best if you interlinked your other related articles and also outbound links to other’s articles from your related blog

At the end of your article, you should provide a conclusion and request people to provide their valuable comments. So that you will be able to understand the value of your article or modify what your reader wants from you.

Find a reader for your micro-niche

It is hard to get more traffic from Google search if you start a general blog as it is very competitive to rank. But if you start a micro niche blog with an interesting topic, it is easier to rank than a general blog, and you have a great chance to get more organic traffic from Google search.

Though it doesn’t work instantly, you should have to wait for that. Few bloggers get traffic from Google. For that, you should know better about keywords research and the SEO of your articles.

So, how may you get traffic on your micro-niche blog? You should use different social media platforms to get traffic for the first time for your niche blog.

If your blog grows and ranks on Google, you need not do anything; traffic will automatically visit your blog.

If you get more traffic, it will make your blog popular.

Possible traffic sources for niche blog

You have a great chance to become a success. So it would help if you always tried to focus on traffic sources when starting a micro-niche blog. You may get traffic on your micro niche blog by following ways –

  • Selecting perfect keywords and related keywords for your blog (It will take time to rank, so you should wait for a long time)
  • Create a Facebook page or Facebook private group (Best social media to get more traffic)
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Use Pinterest
  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Ads camping on different ads networks
  • Perform on-page SEO and off-page SEO
  • Create do-follow backlinks from other high authority
  • blogs related to your niche
  • Guest posting to another related niche blog

Here, I provide a few ways to get traffic for your microblog. There are many ways to get more traffic for your micro-niche blog. If you want to know more about it, you may read get traffic for the micro-niche article.

Earn money from your micro-niche blog

This is the ultimate goal of every micro niche blog and blogger. But it would help if you did not think you would work only for one month, and after one month you will earn money. If you think so, then blogging is not for you. You need to work regularly and publish informative content for your reader to get help from your content.

You will earn money from your micro niche blog in different ways. But please be serious in blogging. I will help you to get success in your micro-niche blogging.

Help people; people will help you to make money from your blog. You need to follow some strategies to succeed and earn fast money from your blog. I focus on a different article on this blog. Please read these articles. I hope you will get success and earn handsomely from your microblog.

There are some possible ways to earn money from your micro-niche blog. You may try any one or more than one ways to earn money –

Earn money from advertising:

It is the simplest way to earn money. Different ads networks will share their revenue with you if you publish rich content and get help from your content. For that, you should be eligible for their partner program (different ads networks having almost the same terms and conditions).

If you are eligible for their program, apply for the publisher program and get approval. Finally, show advertises on your micro-niche blog and earns handsome revenue from it.

There are so many ads network like Google AdSense, media (dot) net, propeller ads and many more where you may apply for publisher program. If you want to know more about it, you may read this article – best ads network for a micro-niche blog as a beginner.

Selling your products

This is the best way to earn more money from your micro-niche blog. If you have any quality to create any products that are maybe any pdf, graphics design or cloths and others, it is best to review these products on your micro-niche blog and sell them to your reader or customers.

Suppose you have good knowledge of cooking and you also love different food. Now you may share your experiences with people and create a special ebook where you share your secrets.

If you are really good and people like your blog for the first time, your reader will be interested in buying that eBook. Thus you may earn money. Another way, you may provide different delicious food to your locality and also feature these on your microblog.

Sponsorship: This is another way to earn more money from your microblog. If your blog gets popular, you will receive different sponsorship from different companies.

Other ways to earn money: Your micro-niche blog are many other ways to earn money. I discuss it in a different article on this blog. You may go through these articles also.

“You know blogging is like a business. So, there is also risk. But you should try your best and follow my strategies to get success.”


I hope you have a better idea and create a micro-niche blog now. If you didn’t start yet, it is time to start a micro-niche blog. If you want to learn more about micro niche blogging, you may connect with this blog. I hope you will learn something new. I regularly update my articles and provide the best information for you. You are requested to follow my updated articles. Please stay connected with me. If you think this article has value, let me inform you.

Again, if you found any mistake or have any inquires about micro-niche blogging, please let me know if you have a suggestion for me. If you found this article more valuable, learned something, and can create your micro-niche blog, I request you to share this article with your friends or other members who want to learn micro niche blogging and create a micro-niche blog for blogging.

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