How to Start an Instagram Blog in 2021 as Beginner

Do you want to know how to start an instagram blog in 2021 for free?

If yes, then you are in the right place to know instagram blogging tips. Here in this article, I am going to discuss on instagram blog ideas and how to blog on instagram and make money.

Writing blogs on instagram is super easy than other micro blogging site. If you don’t know what micro blogging is and how to start a micro niche blog as beginner, then I would like to request you to read this article.

In this article, I will try to inform you in details how to start a blog on instagram and get paid. Hope you will get a better idea on instagram blog and you will follow the same. Stay tuned and follow with me.

Why blog on instagram?

If you want to promote your blog posts or products then you should use the advantage of different social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, YouTube and others.

Hope, you know the number of users and popularity of instagram. You may promote blog posts or business easily on instagram for free. So, there is a high change to get more traffic on your blog or get more customers for your ecommerce business.

You know, to create a normal micro blogging site, you should invest on hosting, themes and other resources. It is better to invest some money for blogging if you want to take it as carrier or a business. But, you may also start a micro blog on instagram for free without spending single penny.

It is very simple to create an account, maintain the account and writing blogs on instagram. You may create any types of blog or business page on instagram for free.

How to start an instagram blog?

You may follow the simple nine steps to start an instagram blog in 2021 for free.

  • #1. Select micro blogging niche or select the best products for your business
  • #2. Create a free instagram account in proper way
  • #3. Create attractive profile bio
  • #4. Write you first blog
  • #5. Start promotion of blog posts or products (free method)
  • #6. Paid promotion method
  • #7. Use paid software (profilemate) to analysis your competitive fans
  • #8. Monetize your instagram blog

Want to know details about these steps? Well, let’s continue this article. Hope you will really get better idea on – how to start an instagram blog?

#1. Select micro blogging niche or select best products for business (Instagram blog ideas)

This is very important step and you should choose the best blogging niche or best products (if you want to start a business blog) to start an instagram blog. There are lots of micro blogging topics but you should select the less competitive one, as you are a beginner.  

To choose a better micro blogging niche for instagram blog you may follow the same strategy that are discussed on micro niche blogging ideas.

May I help you to choose the better instagram blog niche? Okay, fine; you may follow the following points during choosing micro blog niche –

  • #1. Must be less competitive
  • #2. Must have less or great market value
  • #3. Must be ever green topics or trending topics
  • #4. Having enough topics to write blog posts
  • #5. Have any sponsorship facility or not?
  • #6. Have any affiliate program or not? 

Okay, now I am going to provide basic instagram blog ideas –

You may start with –

  • #1. How to start an online business?
  • #2. How to make revenue online?
  • #3. Relationship status and guide both for man and women
  • #4.  Motivational Speech
  • #5. How to do well in exam or how to get a better scholarship?
  • #6. Lifestyle (please find a micro niche)
  • #7. Travel (Please find a micro niche)

These are the possible better instagram blog ideas for beginner. You may try other niches also.

If you want to start business micro blog on instagram, then you may choose single product. If you could grow your business then you may add other different products from the same niche. Suppose you may start with the books for kid only, then you may add other products like toys for kid, dress for kid and others.

#2. Create a free instagram account in proper way

It is so simple to create an account. But, you should create an account according to your blogging niche. If you want to work for kid’s book, then you should create an account like booksforkid or kidsbook or kidscorner.

As it’s so simple to create an account on instagram, so I am not interest to provide more information on it. I should tell you the basic of account creation.

You may create account by three simple ways –

#1. With Facebook

#2. With Email

#3. With Mobile number

If you want to create account using your mail address then you may find error. So, it is better to create an account using the mobile number, later on you may add your email address. You should verified your mobile and email.

You should use the username, profile name according to your blogging niche or your products. Please complete your profile bio with proper information (related to your blog niche).

Use short descriptions (in a single line) that present your blogging niche. Please use some hastag or keyword on profile bio (must be related to your niche).

Don’t know how to get perfect hastag or keywords for profile bio? Don’t worry, I will show you the process in the step five. So, let’s continue this article.

#3. Create attractive profile bio

It’s also so important step to start a blog on instagram. You should attract your audience or customers. They actually view the profile picture, images that you will upload on your instagram account.

You should create an attractive profile bio with the information includes – who are you, what your account for, why this account and other important info related to your blog topic.

Try to write something attractive slogan related to your blog or products so that audience or customers spend more time on your page and go to follow you.

If you have any website (free or premium) you may provide its link on profile bio. Some instagram blogger provide their email address or other contact address for business purpose. People or Sponsorship Company may communicate with him or her directly.

So, to create an attractive profile bio you may follow these simple points –

#1. Use high quality and relevance profile picture

#2. Write a better slogan within 50 – 100 words or in single line. That’s will really help you to get more audiences or customers for free

#3. Try to use some useful keywords on bio

#4. Provide website address (if possible; optional)

#5. Provide an email address or other contact info

#6. Try to use same color pattern on images (you should use attractive images, not common images)

Hope, you will able to do the same for your account.

#4. Write you first blog

Writing article is always very hard for new blogger. But, don’t worry; I am here to help you a little so that you may write your first blog post for your new instagram blog.

“This blogging guide on instagram is only for the beginner micro blogger. If you are expert already then you may skip this part. You may follow the advanced or paid promotion or using paid software parts below.”

Before writing a blog post you should find the low competitive topics and keyword, that will help you to rank or people will find your instagram blog on search.

For keyword research you may follow the same strategies that are described before here in this article. Hope, you will get better idea – how you may find low competitive keywords for your instagram blog posts (though the keywords may be different but the procedure are same; you should try yourself).

You are not permitted to write a longer article on instagram as like wordpress blog or blogger blog. Actually, on instagram you have to write a caption. Instagram blog post may consider as a caption. You are permitted to write limited words (2000+ words) on caption.

There is no need to use heading tag 1, 2 or 3 rather you may use some hastag at the end of your writing. That will help for search engine optimization on instagram.

In first line of your caption, you should grab the reader attention. If it will make good first impression, then reader will stay on your post and go follow your account.

Writing blogs on instagram, you may follow this simple istagram blogging tips –

#1. Write an attractive line at the first of the caption that will express all content. Try to use your main keyword in your content (at least 1% of your total keyword count).

#2. Use topics related has tag (use more engaged hastag)

#3. Request your audiences or customers to engage with you in the comment section

#4. Please use geotag that will help you reaching to more people in this specific region

#5. Please go to advanced setting and use alt text; that will also help to get better search engine optimization

#5. Start promotion of blog posts or products (free method)

This is so important step to get free traffic for your instagram blog. Hope you already created your account with perfect profile name, profile bio and profile picture.

People used to come at instagram for videos or images. So, you should use the most attractive images or videos which will grab your audience’s attention.

But, may be you are unable to create video, don’t worry. You may use any video from any sources. You will not face any copyright issue instagram. But it is suggested to use copyright free images or videos.

If you want to use copyright free images or videos for your instagram blog post, then you may get these from following sources –

#1. Pixabay

#2. Pexels

#3. Unsplash

#4. Free images and other sources

Hope, you will get your desire images and videos for blog post. Again, if you want to create professional images or banner for your blog then you may read this article – how to create a copyright free image for free.

Okay, come to the point; what are the processes that you should follow to promote your instagram blog for free –

  • #1. Create more interesting post in regular basis (very important)
  • #2. Use of right keywords or hastag for your post or product
  • #3. Follow and follow back your audiences or customers
  • #4. Communicate with your audience through direct message or in comment section
  • #5. Promote your blog post or product to your audience through direct message

Hope, you will get more engagement and grow your micro blog. Let me tell in details now.

#1. Use of right keywords or hastag for your post or products

It is important to use the proper hastag on instagram blog post. For that, you may follow the simple instagram blog tips

Go to search option and search your related topics or products. You will find more results and select at least 30 keywords (which have more engagement).

Try to use at least 30 keywords or hastag at the end of each post. You may use 10 to 15 common keywords for each post so that it may help you to get your targeted audiences or customers.

You should not post more than five (5) posts daily. If you do more, then your account may ban. So, be careful on post and also using hastag (not more than 30)

If you use your own video or copyright free video, that’s good. But, if you use videos or images from other instagram user, then you should add their credit.  

#2. Create more interesting post in regular basis

It is also important to get more engagement in daily basis. You should create post in regular basis.

If anyone (your follower) comment on your post then, you should like that and do comment also. That will help you to get more audiences or customers.

#3. Follow and follow back your audiences or customers

You may follow same category instagram pages. Even you may follow your followers fan. That will help you to link building. Thus, you have a great change to get more followers for your pages.

But if anyone don’t follow back then you may un-follow them (but, wait at least 2 – 3 weeks).

If anyone follows you then you should follow back them. Thus, they will be your permanent followers.

#4. Communicate with your audience through direct message or in comment section

If you get more like or comment on your blog posts by your followers then you may communicate with them directly. You may promote your other posts or products to them. Thus, you have a great change to increase your permanent audiences.

#5. Promote your blog post or product to your audience

You may promote your blog post or product in three different ways –

#1. Instagram stories

#2. Direct messages

#3. Post comments

You should analysis your audiences demand and you may send direct messages to your audiences (who actually like your posts or products). But, don’t send more than twenty five direct message per day.

Instagram follower’s analysis may perform manually or you may use some software like profilemate (This is the number 1 instagram analytics and growth tools)

You may also promote your other posts or products through comment. But, don’t post any direct link. You should inform your followers about your posts or products. If they really like, they will visit your posts or products and knock you.

#6. Paid promotion method

If you want to grow your blog traffic fast or want to get more sales of your products then, you may use paid method to promote your instagram page.

You should convert your normal account into a business account then you may follow the same procedure of promotion that are performed in Facebook boosting or promotion.

Let’s convert your normal account to business account. Don’t know how to convert? Okay, don’t worry. Follow this simple process.

Please go to setting option and click on the switch to business account option. Select the business option, congratulations; your account has been converted to business account.

Now, you should connect your instagram account with Facebook page. Hope, you have a Facebook business page. If you don’t have, you may create one.

Go to Facebook account. Go to page option and click on more option. You will find setting option where you may add your instagram account. Okay, fine; let’s add your instagram account with this page.

Now you are eligible to promote your stories or posts. For that you should go with any story or post and you will find three options for promotion. One, you may promote from your profile, second, you may promote direct link or third, directly any message

Then you will find another option – how you want to reach your audiences? You will get two more option here. One is automatically and second, manually (create by yourself). It is better to select manually option.

Now the most important part – you should setup your targeted audience, age, location and their interest. You should select – how to reach your audience, how many people will see your ads, your daily budget and others.

Let’s make your payment and run your first paid camping.

“It is better to avoid paid instagram blog promotion as beginner. You should know the details on paid promotion then you may try it.”

If you don’t like paid promotion then you may try the instagram analytics like profilemate. You may promote your posts or products directly to your targeted audiences through email or other contact address.

Let’s learn how you may do it using this great instagram software (profilemate).

#7. Use paid software (profilemate) to analysis your competitive fans

If you want to grow your audience for your instagram blog or products then this is the best option to use instagram analytics and growth tools like profilmate.

Profilemate is the best instagram follower’s growth, email building and competitor’s domination software.

If you want to grow your blog or business at instagram then profilemate may help you lots. You may copy the strategy of your competitors with the help of profilemate. I am not going the details profilemate review here, but I should inform you the important features and how it works?

Why you should choose profilemate for growing your blog or business?

Yeah, it’s a great inquiry. Hope, these reasons may solve your inquiry –

  • #1. If you want to make same income as your competitor did, then profilmate will help you to analysis competitors fan’s instagram, gather email address and other contact. Then you may easily communicate with them and promote your blog or business products in legal way.
  • #2. If you have a business blog then these fan may convert into sale. Thus, you have a great chance to grow your business online

Do you want to know how profilmate works? Okay, great; I am going to provide a simple and short description how it works.

It works in three simple ways –

#1. Help you to find your targeted audiences

#2. Help to get your targeted results

#3. Collection of email list, contact address, phone number and help you to make a sale of your products online

If you have an ecommerce business, local business or if you are affiliate marketer then profilmate may change your business faster. Again, if you want to grow your niche based email list then, it will help you lots.

If you are interest to know more about profilemate then you may know more about it at here.  

#8. Monetize your instagram blog

There are lots of ways to monetize your instagram blog. But, it’s true that there is no publisher advertises facilities for instagram. Don’t worry; you may make more with your instagram blog.

I am going to tell you four (4) best ways to monetize your instagram blog. But, it is mandatory to grow your followers.

  • #1. Affiliate products link
  • #2. Selling your own services or products
  • #3. Sponsorship posts and
  • #4. Instagram influencer

Okay, let me tell you how you may perform these and monetize your instagram blog in shortly.

#1. Affiliate products link

You know, affiliate marketing is the best and easy ways to earn money online rather than any other jobs online as you don’t need your own products; simple you should take someone else products and promote it through your blog.

If anyone purchases these products then you will receive a small commission from the product owner. You may join different affiliate program and start creating review post of these products on instagram.

#2. Selling your own services or products

If you have any skills or if you have any products then you may promote it through instagram blog post. Suppose, you know how to create a WordPress website well, then you may provide a service to the person who needs a website.

Simple you may publish post related to website customization on your instagram blog and promote your services or product to your targeted audiences.

#3. Sponsorship posts and

This is another best way to monetize an instagram blog, but the earning depends on the quality of page, followers of page, niche of the page and engagement of your followers on your post.

If you have a great engagement at your blog post, then you have a great chance to get more sponsorship. Or, you may set your own charge for sponsorship post.  

#4. Instagram influencer

There are lots of instagram influencer marketing platform in this planet. If you have a good numbers of followers and more engagements on your blog posts then, you may join these instagram influencer marketing platforms.

I am not providing lots of instagram influencer marketing platform, rather I prefer to inform you the best five –

#1. Heepsy

#2. Openinfluence

#3. Findyourinfluencer

#4. Tribegroup

#5. Tapinfluence

Hope, you got better idea how to start an instagram blog in 2021 for free along with instagram blog ideas, instagram blogging tips, writing blog on instagram. If you are serious to grow a blog or business on instagram then profilemate may help you a lot.

Hope you could able to start a blog on instagram and make money. If you think this article – how to start a blog on instagram and get paid is informative and helpful for you, then I would like to request you to share this article with your friends or family members who also want to grow their blog or business on instagram.

I used to share informative knowledge about micro blogging regularly, if you are really interest to learn micro blogging then you may follow this blog. Aagin, if you have any suggestion or inquiries related to instagram blogging then, please let me know in comment box.

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