How to Write Article for Micro Blog

Do you want to know how to write article for micro blog?

If yes, then you are in right place now. You know, article is the main part of any micro blog. Reader will visit your site for informative and useful article from where they might get benefitted. So, you should always provide an informative, useful and SEO friendly article in micro blog for your reader.

If you don’t know how to write informative, useful and SEO friendly article for micro blog then, I am here to inform you the best ways to write article for micro niche blog.  

‘I am trying to show you the process that I followed in my article. You may write niche article according to your own method. But you should follow the basic that I am going to provide you.”

You may have micro blog on blogger or wordpress microblogging platforms. Don’t worry. Here, in this article I am going to show how to write article for micro blog both on WordPress and Blogger microblogging platforms.

What basic points you should follow during write an article for micro blog?

There are some basic points you should consider while writing an article for micro blog. They are –

  • You should choose a relevant, trending topic for your article. That topic should be related to your micro blog’s niche.
  • Try to find out the best keyword that will present your article. If you notice this article, you are reading now – the main keyword is “article for micro blog”. You should also find out a best keyword like this. Now a day, it is very hard to find out a short keyword that is less competitive, so it is better to find out a long tail keyword like “article for micro niche blog”.
  • Try to find out some related keywords which will also present your article. In this article my other keywords are – article in micro blog, SEO friendly article for micro blog, article for micro niche blog.
  • Try to find out the medium to high search volume keywords with low competition. That type of keywords will help you to rank Google search engine within short time.

Hope you got a little idea how to select keywords to write article for micro blog. Now the question is – how to search keywords and which resources you should use?

Yes, great. There are lots of free and paid keywords research planners but as a beginner you may use the free keywords research planner; if your blog grows, then you must use the paid keywords research planner. The best keywords research planners for beginner are –


Best and affordable – Kwfinder  keywords research planner (Free trail for 10 days)

Another affordable Keyword planner – WordTracker Planner (Free and paid)

Google keywords research planner (Free)

Hope these keyword planners will help you a lot to find out your targeted keywords for free. But you should research for a long time. If you want to know how keyword planner work, then you may connect with this blog, you may learn from this blog.

Let’s start to learn – how to write article for micro blog on wordpress and also in blogger microblogging platforms. First I will go with wordpress and then blogger platform.

How to write article for micro blog on WordPress?

You may write your article directly on new post pages or you may write on Google keep. If you use Google keep, you need to copy article and then pest again on article page of your micro blog.

I always recommended you to use Google keep as it will work as backup of your articles. Typically, article has following important parts –

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Introduction
  • Heading, subheading, minor heading within different H tag
  • Body of article and
  • Conclusion     
how to write article for micro blog

Title –   You should place your main keyword on your title of article. Look, how to write article for micro blog’ is the title of this article and the main keyword ‘article for micro blog’ is present on that title.

Meta description – Write a best description for your article where you will have to use all of your related keywords for article.

how to write article for micro blog

Heading, subheading, and minor heading of article – You should write heading with H1 tag, Subheading using H2 or H3 tag and again minor heading using H4 tag. Try to use main keyword on different heading.

Body of article – Try to provide an informative and related information on body under each heading (must be relevant with your heading). Try to add inter links and some out bound links on contents of body, it’s very important.       

Conclusion – Try to provide a conclusion and recommend related article at the end of the article.

Add media (Images, video or others) – You should use copyright free images, video or others for your article. If you want to know how to create a copyright free image or video for micro niche blog then you may know from here.

Write article for micro blog on wordpress post

“For SEO friendly article for micro blog on wordpress, I would like to suggest you to use a plugin called ‘yoast’. You may use free or paid version of this plugin. So, please install this plugin now.”

Now you should follow the procedure bellow –

Go to your wordpress micro blog dashboard. Go to the post and again with new post. You will find a post page where you may write your article      

Provide title of your micro blog article

You will find block for writing your article – first place your introduction

Use an another block and write your heading, subheading with your resourceful contents (if you want you may follow this article that you are reading now)

As I told you before, please try to add some inter links and some out bound links if possible

If you want to use images or video on the body of article, please use another block and go with three dot menu then search or directly go with image or video option and it is very simple to add video or image by uploading them.

how to add image on micro blog

Now, go to right sidebar and you will find your category, add new category for your article for micro blog. You must add some tag also.

If you want you may add a feature images from feature image option from this right sidebar

If you want to customize your url for this article, you may do. But if you write a perfect title for your article for micro blog, then you may avoid it.

Now you may publish your article

How to use images on article for micro blog?

It is very important to know how to use images on article for micro blog. First you should need the copyright free image for your micro blog.

When you use images on article, you must use alt and description of that particular image; you may write your main keywords or related keywords relevant with your article for micro blog


Congratulations, you have published an ideal article on your wordpress micro blog. But you have a micro blog on blogger microblogging platforms then you may follow the information bellow.

How to write article for micro blog on blogger platform?

All the procedures are same – from keywords research to article writing. Blogger post interphase is differing than wordpress post. Hope you have completed the keyword research and have a better idea about the structure of an ideal article for micro blog. Now, you may follow this –

how to write article on blogger as beginner

Go to your blogger micro blog dashboard. Go with the post option and again with new post, you will redirect a post page. So, let’s introduce this post page. Above you will find title option, again bellow this title you will find some option from where you may add images, video, links and others. And bellow this you will find a larger text area. And again in right sidebar you will find some option (I will discuss later)

  • Let’s type your title on title bar
  • Provide your Meta descriptions with all keywords and type your heading, sub heading and minor heading with proper contents
  • Please try to add inter links and out bound links if possible
  • If you want to add any images or video, you should go with the options above and upload them
  • You must add alt and description of image. For that you should go with this image and find out the properties option. You will find the alt and description and type the targeted keywords or title on these boxes.
  • Now, from right sidebar you should use level, this works as categories as you seen in wordpress
  • If you want to schedule your article then you may do it from the right sidebar
  • If you want to customize your permalink then go with edit button, but please don’t remove your publish date
  • Always uncheck the comment option

You must write the search description where you should use the main keyword and related keywords so that it may help you in SEO (search engine optimization). If you don’t know what is search engine optimization then you may read from here.

Hope you have got better information on how to write article for micro blog that help you to start a micro blog.  If you want to learn more about micro niche blogging then you may connect with this blog. Hope, you will learn something new.

“I regularly update my articles and provide best information for you. You are requested to follow my updates articles. Stay connects with me.”

If you think this article is useful to you then let me inform. Again if you found any mistake or if you have any inquires related to article for micro blog or if you have any suggestion for me, then please let me inform.

I request you to share this article with your friends or other members who want to know about article writing procedure for micro blog or for micro niche blogging and also want to create a micro niche blog for blogging.

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