SEO for Micro Blog (5+ Best Ways to Perform)

Do you want to know about the basic of SEO for micro blog?

If yes, then you are in the right place as I am going to share the basic of SEO for micro blog. SEO simply means search engine optimization.

If you want to get traffic organically from different search engine like Google then you need to optimize your content that you published or going to publish in your micro blog.

It is not possible to provide all about micro blog SEO in a single article; but I will try my best to provide a basic knowledge about it.

If you are completely beginner in micro blogging and don’t know about SEO for micro blog then this article may help you a little.

In this article I am going to discuss on how to optimize your contents in search engine, which method will work and what you should follow as beginner.

Why you should perform SEO for micro blog?

Suppose you have created a micro blog and written lots unique of articles. Now you should need reader to read these articles from your blog. You may do it in different ways (you may read this article to know these ways). If you want to get organic traffic from different search engine like Google then you should perform a proper SEO for micro blog’s article.

Generally, we follow three main methods to get traffic for micro blog –

  • Promote micro blog to different social media like facebook, instagram, youtube (Free method that usually followed by new micro blogger)
  • Paid promotion (on different social media and through Google) and
  • Free method – SEO of articles (free method but so hard to do if you work on very competitive micro niche)

If you don’t want to follow the first two methods or unable to grow traffic on different social medias at beginning then you should focus on search engine optimization. This is the best way to get more traffic from search engine for free.  As a beginner you should follow this method.

“Search engine optimization is not an easy task, you should know it well and work for long time, and then you may get success. You should keep in mind that SEO take more time”.

There is no accurate guideline for SEO of micro blog. You should perform the basic of SEO on your micro blog. Google continuously changes their ways for search engine optimization. So, different tips and tricks for SEO of micro blog may or may not work. But you should perform the followings –

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

Before to start you should know, search engine optimizations are generally two major types –

  • White hat SEO
  • hat SEO

I am not going to define these terms, rather I prefer to provide example. Suppose you have written a unique article using perfect keyword and associated keywords. You use to publish these types of articles in regular basic. Then Google will follow your blog automatically and rank it on Google search engine page when people search on these specific keywords. This process may consider as white hat SEO.

And again if you publish article with perfect keyword and forced Google to rank your page in First page of Google search engine using different tips and tricks then this process may considered as hat SEO.

Not clear? Okay, you may learn more about these later.

How you perform SEO for micro Niche blog?

There are lots of ways to perform SEO for micro blog. But I want to share more important and basic way for SEO. You should follow and apply other different ways to get better SEO for micro blog.

On page SEO for micro blog

You should write a unique informative article for your micro blog. For that, first you should know how to select a perfect keyword for article writing. One keyword may change your micro blog status and may change your life also. So I also recommended you to focus on keyword selection.

If you don’t know how to select a perfect keyword for micro blog article then you may read this article –

How to select keyword for micro blog article

Hope you will get the basic idea for keyword selection from this article. Again, you should use this keyword and the associated keywords in your micro blog article. So you should know how to write an article in proper way for your micro blog. If you don’t know; don’t worry. I am here to guide you to learn a little how to write SEO friendly article for micro blog. If you want then you may read this article –

How to write SEO friendly article for micro blog

Hope these two articles will help you a lot for SEO of micro blog. Finally I want to suggest doing the following for better on page SEO for micro blog’s article –

  • #1. Write a rich and unique article for micro blog
  • #2. Use proper keywords in article (low or medium search volume keywords, try to use long tail keyword)
  • #3. Use Meta description for that article
  • #4. Use tag or keyword on your title of article for micro blog
  • #5. Perform better optimize of your images

Okay, try to follow these. Now, you should perform off page SEO for micro blog. Let’s discuss on off page SEO for micro blog.

Off page SEO for micro blog

There are different factors for off page SEO of micro blog. But I will provide some important factors that will help you a lot to perform off page SEO. You may do it through –

  • #1. Blog promotion on different media
  • #2. Backlink for micro blog
  • #3. Guest post for micro blog

I will discuss on the two major parts off page SEO – backlink and guest post. So first you should know what is backlink?

Well. Suppose your friend have an authority website (micro blog) and this website have high domain authority. If your friend refers your micro blog through providing a link of your blog on his or her article then that may consider as backlink.

There are different ways to get backlinks from other micro niche blog related to your’s micro blog –

  • Get backlink from high authority domain micro blog (through article)
  • Do guest post on other same niche micro blog
  • Other backlinks (don’t recommended)
  • Submission of url of your micro blog in different website
  • Comment
  • Forum

But you should know the process of getting backlink from other micro blog.

How to get backlink for micro Niche blog?

This is the best method to get backlink for your micro blog that I am going to share. You may follow this process. Hope you will get success. But you should do hard work first. Then you should apply this method for your micro blog.

It is always better to use low or medium search volume keyword for article writing. Then it is easy to rank on Google or other search engine. But if you don’t get this type of keyword then you may follow this method.

Okay, first select your keyword that you want to rank for your micro blog. Go to Google and search this keyword. You will get some results.

You should follow and analysis the first blog that you got in your search result. Or you may do the same for second or third or other blogs.

Copy your first blog’s url and go to Ahref, semrush or Ubersuggest and pest your links. Go to analysis.

You will get total refer domain and total backlinks for this blog

You should find out the domain or blog name that provided backlink. Note down their name, email address and other information on a paper.

You should also find out the associate keyword that are used for that article or blog

Now, you should contact these backlink provider blogs and send request them to provide backlink for your blog too. You should do the same for several number of blog that are related to your niche blog.

I know it is not so easy to do. If you send 100 requests to micro blog owner, you have few percentage of chance to get response from them. Try continuously but be honest. If your blog is good enough then micro blog owners will show interest to provide you backlink.

So, before sending them request for backlink you should complete the followings –

  • Write rich and relevant contents for your micro blog
  • Publish a good numbers of articles on your micro niche blog
  • Use the main keyword perfectly on article

Okay, not enough?

Hope you will get response from other micro blog’s owners. You may also follow another way to get backlinks from these micro blog. You may find some of these micro blogs might provide paid backlink for other micro blog. You may get backlink from them and for that you will be charged some dollar.

Guest post and backlink for your niche blog

Now, another way to get backlink is write guest post for another related micro niche blog. For that you may follow this process –

Find out some related micro niche blog and collect their address and contact details

Send them email and request them to allow guest post on their blog or you may invite them to write a guest post for your blog

If you offer better content idea and better unique article then some of these micro niche blogger will response on your mail.

But you should always keep in mind

Never provide the copy content ideas. You should offer them a unique idea for article.

Send them a unique sample article from your micro blog

Write long and high quality article for his or her micro blog

“You may try these methods for SEO of micro blog. Hope, these will help you a little to get better SEO for micro blog. But you should keep in mind that they will work slowly. You should keep passion”.

Hope you got basic idea on SEO for micro blog. You should try these methods to get better SEO for micro blog. You should also follow other ways of SEO for micro blog (you may get some ideas here also).

Okay, I used to help people to make their micro blog and suggest about the best resources, SEO and other related topics of micro blogging. If you want to learn more about micro blogging then you may connect with this micro blog. Hope, you will learn something special.

“I regularly update my articles and provide best information for your micro blog. You are requested to follow my updates articles here. Stay connects with me.”

If you think this article is useful to you then let me inform. Again if you found any mistakes or if you have any inquires related to SEO for micro blog or if you have any suggestion for me, then please let me inform.

I request you to share this article with your friends or other members who want to start micro niche blog andwant to know about SEO for micro blog as beginner.

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